Opinion measurement solutions for the housing industry


Welcome to e-input.com, the site for opinion measurement for the housing industry.

At e-input.com, we provide the electronic survey interface for real estate buyers and renters to register their opinions about what you want to know:

bulletMeasure the performance of your sales staff and construction teams through our satisfaction surveys.
bulletFind out which home features really appeal to your buyers or renters.
bulletUse one of our panels to test-market features or identify consumer preferences.

Electronic data gathering significantly reduces the cost and increases the accuracy of survey taking:

bulletNo expensive return postage for surveys that never come back.
bulletNo long-distance phone costs.
bulletNo input errors.
bulletReal-time result reports available.
bulletMore value and a greater return on investment.

The principals at e-input.com have over 30 years of real estate research experience to help you create a survey or panel instrument to help you get the key information you need to improve your product, performance or marketing.

For more information on how e-input.com can put together a cost-effective survey to help you better serve your consumers, contact us at info@e-input.com.